The brilliant M.C. Escher in 7 pictures

The way Escher manages to convey his appreciation of the mathematical world through his amazing artworks is just brilliant.

Reptiles (1943) –’s_Reptiles.jpg

As with all Escher’s work, the more you look, the more you find.


Chocolate box (1963)

This beautiful shape has tonnes of rotational symmetry – and see how the shells have a little twist to destroy any reflectional symmetry? Just perfect. 


Circle Limit IV (Heaven and Hell) (1960) –

This is a hyperbolic disk, so all the angels/Devils in this picture are actually the same size. To find out more about how this works, see here.


Study for Stars (1948) –

Look at all those Platonic solids!

Prentententoonstelling (1956) –

A famous example of the Droste effect – see how it’s made here.

Convex and Concave (1955) –


And that brings us back to the beginning with Metamorphosis I (1937) – see the more lengthy Metamorphosis II here, and the even longer Metamorphosis III here.

“I saw a high wall and as I had a premonition of an enigma, something that might be hidden behind the wall, I climbed over with some difficulty. However, on the other side I landed in a wilderness and I had to cut my way through until I came to the open gate, the open gate of mathematics.”

 All works and quotes belong to M.C. Escher, 1898-1972.


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